“blog about today.”


i’m currently sitting at the kitchen table and as usual, i want to post on my blog, but don’t know what to write. joseph and jace are building a huge lego batman set right on the other side of my computer so i asked them what i should post about. jace said “blog about today.” so that’s what i’m gonna do. this is random but here is what my blog title would look like if it was a question on my grammar homework:

FullSizeRender (11)

5:45 am. my alarm goes off. i not only snooze it but turn it all the way off so it doesn’t ring again.

6:01 am. i force myself to get up because i want to start going on runs in the morning. i blindly feel around my room in an attempt to turn on my lamp. i go to the bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth. i slowly drag myself down to the kitchen where my mom says good morning and says something about how dark it is outside and how i should take a shower first and then we can go for a walk when it’s lighter outside a.k.a. safer.

6:29 am. i finally get done taking a shower and i tell ili sorry it took so long and she says “it did.”

6:35 am. mom helps me make amazing oatmeal. we also see a note ili wrote on a napkin that there’s a bug somewhere so that’s cool.

6:40 am. mom and i go for a walk and at first i feel dead but then eventually i feel invigorated and the fresh morning air reminds me of colorado — the land that i love — and i want to do this everyday for the rest of my life.

7 am. mom and i return home and i sit on my bed and stare at the wall for a while… eventually i put on makeup and do my hair and try on every pair of jeans i own, only to find that only one pair fits 😦

7:37 am. my siblings and i head to school.

7:49 am. we arrive at school. this is a super uneventful moment of my day.

8 am. the bell rings.

8:05 am. bible class. we’re supposed to have genesis 50:20 and exodus 33:13 memorized for our test tomorrow and i’ve been reading those verses all week and still don’t have them memorized so R.I.P.

9 am. history class. we analyze a silly cartoon about a cow. we talk about nuclear war and ancient civilization and satan being kicked out of heaven.


9:50 am. english. my favoritest class. we read a poem that we’re supposed to memorize and we sound like a bunch of robots. we check homework. we learn about fragments and sentences. we do more homework. i tell the class that there’s a high school musical 4 coming out next year and then someone tells me it was A FAKE TRAILER so i’m pretty much heartbroken now.

10:35 am. physics. we talk about significant figures. i almost fall asleep like five times.

11:20 am. precalculus. i almost cry twice. enough said.

12 pm. school is out for the day for me so i round up all my stuff and head home.

12:20 pm. i walk into my house to find my cute, sweaty, motivated mom vacuuming up loose drywall dust.

12:25 pm. i boil a pot of water for mac and cheese. i plan on making one box but my mom suggests i make three. (mac and cheese is practically gold to my family.)

12:35 pm. i make paper bag book covers for my school books instead of actually doing my homework. taylor swift music is playing and occasionally i stir my three boxes of mac and cheese that are boiling.

2:30 pm. i get done with all my homework and let out a sigh of relief. i practically RUN to my bed and watch youtube videos for a while.

3:15 pm. i work on something super cool that i’m sewing because I TAUGHT MYSELF HOW TO SEW. YES I AM THAT COOL.

4:45 pm. jace comes over bearing gifts: panda express, canvases, and a huge lego set.

4:50 pm. joe and jace excitedly begin building their 1,053 piece lego set.

5:45 pm. i try to apply for scholarships but it’s kind of a failed attempt. it’s fine i didn’t want to go to college anyway.

6:30 pm. dad comes home!!! and there are 4 baby deer in our yard!!!

6:43 pm. at my dad’s job, they have a riddle of the day every day and he’s been sending them to us on a daily basis. today’s and yesterday’s were so hard but he helped me figure them out and now my life is complete. they are pictured below if you’re interested in trying to solve them lol

6:54 pm. joe and jace are still building the lego set.

7:14 pm. JOE AND JACE ARE STILL BUILDING THE LEGO SET. IT’S BEEN LITERALLY 2 HOURS. okay that’s pretty much it. mom just said it’s a great night and that we should go on a walk again. we will probably do that or watch good luck charlie and then go to bed.

the end. ❤



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