36 thoughts i had while organizing my closet

i was organizing my closet the other day when i realized two things: 

1. i knew i had a lot of clothes but i had no idea how much until i tried on every. single. thing. i own. 

2. there were so many thoughts that crossed my mind and i figured it might make a funny blog post… so here goes.

  • is this a men’s shirt?
  • why did i get this? 
  • omg cute how come i’ve never worn this?
  • maybe i’ll wear this someday…but i also haven’t worn it in a year… 
  • i’m pretty sure the 7 year old boy i babysit has this shirt… 
  • how do i still have this??? 
  • what would this even go with?
  • i have so many cute clothes! 
  • i don’t have any clothes! 
  • ew why
  • i’m so embarrassed
  • this is cute but i would have to buy a whole new outfit to go with this 
  • who would ever wear this? 
  • why would i ever wear this? 
  • awww i remember this shirt! i posted a picture on my instagram in it 
  • i haven’t worn this in a year but i’ve made good memories with it so i should probably keep it 
  • i wouldn’t give this away ever
  • but would i sell it? 
  • if i made money off of this, i would get rid of it 
  • this is my favorite shirt 
  • aw is that a hole? oh well i’ll still keep it 
  • i love this shirt 
  • i hate this shirt 
  • yay i’ll never have to buy clothes again!
  • woah is that a tutu????
  • is this another men’s tshirt?? 
  • ughhhh i need new clothes
  • oh. cool. another large men’s tshirt. 
  • cool! this still has the tags on it! new clothes! oh it doesn’t fit? k. 
  • wow i have some really cute clothes 
  • wow i have some really ugly clothes 
  • i wish i could return this cause i haven’t worn it since i bought it 2 years ago
  • i’m giving up
  • but i can’t give up because now all my clothes are everywhere 

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