addicted to cute animals

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i am a scorned animal lover. it’s such a struggle because all i want in my life is a puppy of my own, but my sister is allergic and i don’t have the funds so i have to find other ways to supplement the void in my heart that is the shape of a puppy.

do you ever stalk yourself on social media? i do (lol). and when i do, i realize how ridiculous this “addiction” to cute animals has become. i’m sure all my facebook friends have unfollowed me due to the hundreds of baby animal videos my mom and i post back and forth to each other.

everyone always tries to convince me as to why i don’t want a dog (@myparents @otherpeoplewhohavedogs) because it’s “a lot of work” and “a lot of money” and i’d have to get up early to let it go pee and i’d have to take it on walks even in the winter but I DON’T CARE. I NEED A PUPPY. LOVE IS SACRIFICE.

ANYWAYS. i kind of got off topic here. my point is, i think that God is like that with us. he DELIGHTS IN US and he wants to spend time with us. he probably has videos of us doing cute things that he shares with all of heaven. he giggles when we do things out of the ordinary and probably when we fall, but i don’t think it’s in a mean way, you know? he loves us and he just wants to cuddle and interact with us all day.

i encourage you to let God love you today. let him delight in you. embrace his grace. embrace his crazy love. think about how much God loves you next time you use Snapchat’s dog filter. and play go fetch or wag your tail or something. ❤



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