random haikus


3.14. i cannot wake up / i yawned and there are tears now / i only yawned tho

3.17. i just drew a stool / it looks the same as in life / i am an artist

3.20. my hair is itchy / i need to take a shower / but i’m leaving soon

3.21. i love your haiku! / i am eating granola / i’m craving panda

3.22. today is wednesday / stalking my ex on facebook / can it be friday?

3.23. i’m craving panda / i’m always craving panda / i’m craving panda

3.24. i am so tired / i want to go back to bed / it’s gloomy outside

3.27. today is monday / there’s a booger in my nose / today is gloomy

3.28. hey what’s up hello / it doesn’t feel like tuesday / not ready for math

4.4. i am exhausted / i wasn’t here yesterday / i have to catch up

4.7. it’s my dad’s birthday / ed sheeran is in my head / yay because friday!

4.10. today’s a good day / yay this week is three days short / hope it goes by fast

4.11. my head is hurting / yesterday my stomach hurt / what am i doing

4.18. i’m starvin’ marvin / spring break was super awesome / my mom packed me chips

4.19. tornadoes tonight? / i need seven syllables / my nose is itchy

4.20. four twenty today / it doesn’t feel like thursday / lit lit lit lit lit

4.21. woohoo it’s friday! / i’m going to prom tonight / with three of my faves

4.24. second place kahoot / it doesn’t feel like monday / gonna babysit

4.26. my lips need chapstick / there’s a really cute guy here / my nose needs kleenex

4.27. study guide today / our math test is tomorrow / i’m kind of hungry

4.28. math test was today / lots of people were cheating / can i just go home?





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