random life update for you

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i haven’t blogged in a literal month which makes me go “ugh! why did i let this happen!” i honestly don’t know why i haven’t been writing. probably because i’m just too busy or because i have writers block or both. well no matter, it’s been too long and i decided i’m going to post today even if it’s super random and irrelevant. okay so here’s a random fact. “irrelevant” has become a regular word in my vocabulary and i usually don’t even use it correctly but it’s whatever. like i went to the bank a couple weeks ago and i was wearing this shirt that says “i don’t give a…” and as i walked up to the counter, the teller was reading it with a weird confused look on her face. i noticed it and said, “heh. this shirt is irrelevant to my personality, i just thought it was cute.” then last night after babysitting, ireland pulled out the vacuum (cause he is a fabulous little gentleman) but then he kind of didn’t follow through by saying, “vacuuming isn’t really my style.” (kids are so great.) so then joe and i began unwrapping the huge cord. there was a bulky extra extension cord on it and we were like “what the heck.” and then i said, “this cord is so irrelevant.” idk man.  idk.

another random thing i can tell you is that there are 46 days left until summer (for me at least). dude, i’m so pumped for summer. something insane that my sister and i realized yesterday is that in almost exactly a year, i will be graduating high school. WHAT! sometimes i’m really apprehensive about the future and i don’t want to grow up, but at the same time, i think graduating will be awesome because i’ll be an adult but i can still live with my parents because they’re awesome. also, the older i get, the greater my relationships with my family get. so that’s cool.

please don’t ask me what i’m planning to do with my life after high school or what i’m wanting to go to college for. i seriously don’t know. i think it would be awesome to be a youtuber, but i don’t live in california and i don’t think people can make it big on youtube in council bluffs. but also there’s a first time for everything and i can do anything i set my mind and heart to because Jesus.

i seriously think that i might be somewhat famous because weird things keep happening to me that can only be explained with the answer that i am famous. for example, on christmas eve, we went to panera to hang out with our aunt and cousin and this guy was HIGHKEY STALKING ME. as soon as we walked in he was like staring at me and watching me and then he would walk around panera while STILL LOOKING AT ME. i was kind of sketched out because i’m freaking afraid of being kidnapped and stuff but i figured i was just being paranoid. at one point, ili was like “hey let’s go to the bathroom.” (cause we’re girls and that’s what girls do.) we got up and as we were headed to the bathroom, the guy was walking in the same direction in front of us and HE WENT INTO THE GIRLS BATHROOM. AND IT WASN’T SOMETHING THAT YOU COULD DO BY MISTAKE BECAUSE the way the bathrooms were set up in the hall were like this:

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obviously, when that guy blatantly went into the girls bathroom, ili and i bailed and went back to our table. eventually the guy left, but on his way out, he walked by our table SLOWER THAN A SNAIL and he stared at me the entire thirty or so seconds. ew.

so then about a week ago, ili and i were in the car with our mom and we were at a stoplight. next to us was some type of plumbing business truck with a guy driving it (duh). i don’t know how to explain this quickly or even so it makes sense but the guy was taking pictures of me, but like looking away so it didn’t seem like he was, but like he was??? omg i wonder if it was the same guy :O

and i promise you i’m not making any of this up, I HAVE MY SISTER AS MY WITNESS.


today was awesome because i didn’t want to go to my classes at AL but i did anyway because sometimes you just have to do things you don’t want to do. and it turned out to be fabulous because i made friends with three girls my age that seem super awesome. so hopefully that’s an answer to prayer?? yay God!

okay well that’s all for now. I HOPE YOU HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND!


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