5 things i’ve learned this month


1- everybody is at a different place in their journey of life. some people are more mature than others. everybody has their own walk with God (or doesn’t). everybody has their own thing that makes them who they are.

2- doing your best is the best you can do. sometimes it’s okay to forget that you had homework. sometimes it’s okay to be sad and eat ice cream. i know that you shouldn’t just make excuses and take the easy route every time something hard comes along, but i feel like it’s okay to just rest sometimes.

3- bad habits are hard to break and good habits are hard to start. but i’ve discovered it’s good to just start. do what you can. for example, i started this year with the resolution to exercise at the gym once a week and i’ve only gone like twice this year. so instead of beating myself up over not getting into a good routine, i’ll do some sit ups at home or go on a walk or figure out when i can make it to the gym.

4-  there’s a balance between loving people and being there for them, but also not exhausting yourself and trying harder than they are at being a friend. i’m at a weird place with some of my friendships. sometimes i feel bad for not trying hard enough to be a good friend and then when i do try, i realize it’s not good for me or it’s just unnecessary… so it kind of goes with #1 that everyone is at a different place in their life and makes different choices. i’m learning that it’s okay to “float away” from some people, so to speak, but i’m also learning to not be mean about it.

5- love isn’t always a warm feeling. love is a choice and sometimes we have to take a step of faith by acting out love before actually feeling love and pray that God helps us feel his love for ourselves and others, if that makes any sense? love is a choice. sometimes i have to literally tell myself that i choose love because i’m feeling everything but love. my new favorite quote that i’m writing everywhere is, “only love today.”


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