leaving your comfort zone and choosing change 3/1/17


“success in life depends on your ability to adapt to change.”

a year ago today, i was a sophomore at heartland christian, and i was sitting in english class. this morning, i’m babysitting a puppy before going to my college class and then tonight i’m babysitting my favorite children (humans). as i sit here next to a sleepy puppy while watching disney jr on tv, i’m thinking about how change is inevitable and how much i’ve changed in the last year. a year ago, i never would have guessed that in a year, i’d be hanging out with a dog and not sitting in english at the school i thought i’d graduate from. i wonder what i’ll be doing in another year? i know for a fact that a year ago i didn’t want anything in my life to change. i wasn’t afraid of change, so much as content with how my life was and i didn’t think there would be anything better if i left my comfort zone. so much has changed since then! i’m 10 times the girl i was last year. i thought my group of friends that i had was all i needed and i thought that where i was at with God was enough, but boy was i wrong! i decided to do something incredibly different with my life and i’m happier than ever. i’m more in love with Jesus than ever. i’m more free than ever. i’ve made so many new and amazing friends in the past month. i’m wiser. i’m not perfect, but i’m smarter. i’ve worked harder in the last year than i probably have in my whole life. i’m practically an adult between paying for my car every month and almost being 18. life is making more sense to me. i’m closer to my family. 

it’s amazing what happens when you leave you’re comfort zone! leaving your comfort zone can be hard and obviously uncomfortable–but it’s so worth it. it’s 10/10 and i would definitely recommend. 


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