Daily Prompt: Hike

via Daily Prompt: Hike


When my family and I went to Colorado last year, we stayed at the YMCA Camp of the Rockies and it was awesome. It was a beautiful campus complete with cabins and fun activities and a great view of the mountains surrounding us. There were even elk that casually chilled everywhere despite humans being around. I like Colorado because everybody is happier and friendlier than most people. Maybe that’s because marijuana is legal or maybe it’s because of the fresh mountain air, but nonetheless, everyone’s in a better mood in Colorado.

Anyways, we went on a hike guided by an older woman, and accompanied by a bunch of 10-year old girl scouts and their moms. The path was super beautiful and the weather was absolutely perfect.

The hike took three hours but I think the reason it took so long was because we stopped at every pile of poop and every scratched up piece of bark. We identified all kinds of poop and at one point a girl scout suggested that the poop was from a porcupine. Our guide said the girl was correct and a second later leaned over and whispered to my sister that porcupines don’t even live near where we were, she just wanted to make the kid feel good about herself. So then we were like, “Okay so is everything else you’re telling us a lie too???”

That’s pretty much the end of the story, but I thought it was funny enough to share. Has something like this ever happened to you???


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