5 things i hope for the person reading this right now


i hope you know you are worth it. you’re worth fighting for, you’re worth taking the time to be known, you’re worth loving, you’re worth more than gold. you’re worth Jesus leaving his glorious place in heaven to come to this crazy earth and LITERALLY DIE FOR YOU. you’re worth the smile, you’re worth the time to be listened to, you’re worth a hug.

i hope you know that you are a beautiful human being. it doesn’t matter that you think everyone is prettier than you. it doesn’t matter that you flinch every time you catch glimpses of yourself in reflections before darting your eyes away. you are beautiful. your heart is strong and it’s still beating and every single time you laugh, it’s magical. you may cringe, but you’re so truly beautiful whether you’re at your worst or you’re at your best.

i hope you know you’re enough. you don’t have to pretend to be anything you’re not. you don’t have to look for the approval of the popular people that everyone loves. edwin elliot said, “by being yourself, you put something wonderful into the world that wasn’t there before.”

i hope you know you’re loved. you were made by God, who is Love, and then from your parents because of love (ew, i know, but it’s true.) there are people who love seeing you at school and people who love running into you at walmart and people who love seeing your face on instagram. sometimes it gets really lonely, but i promise you there are people who love you.

i hope you know you’re gonna be okay. life sucks, i know. people are mean and insensitive and careless, i know. bad things happen to good people, trust me, i know. but things work out. it’s really hard to keep a good attitude and stay hopeful sometimes when all you want to do is hide in your bed, but do your best… be the best person you can be and love Jesus and people with everything you’ve got, and you’ll be okay.


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