it’s a new year!!!


Hey there! It’s 2017. WOW. It’s 2017. I can’t believe it, and I honestly don’t think it’s gonna settle on me that it’s a new year. Let’s be honest, I’ll probably still be writing 2016 for the next couple months.

Last week, I went to Onething and if you don’t know what that is.. basically it’s a big conference in Kansas City focused on prayer and worship and Jesus. And like 30,000 people went this year and it gets bigger and bigger every year. Anyways. It’s amazing. I’ve gone maybe like 6 times in my life, but this year was definitely the best. God did so much in me and I literally feel like a new person. 

For a really long time (since the summer of 2015) I’ve had the realization that I need to fall in love with Jesus, but I haven’t really known how or taken the steps to get there. But it’s always on my mind that I need and want to fall in love with Jesus. I’ve heard that falling in love is a process but I’ve also heard that falling in love happens in like 2 seconds. So I guess I was always expecting to fall in love in 2 seconds and be a completely different person. I still don’t really know how it all works. But I fell in love with Jesus this week. I can’t even explain to you how I feel. But it’s sooo good. It’s so different.

When I was in Kansas City, I experienced so many different emotions. I has happy, on top of the world. I was hungry, I needed food and wasn’t used to eating three specific times a day (lol life of a homeschooler). I was exhausted, so I took a million and one naps. I was sad, I cried for an hour and a half cause I missed my mom. I was inspired, ready to love Jesus and love people (and I still am). I was refreshed, being around so many other people who love Jesus is amazing. I was challenged, I’ve never been away from home for that long. I left my comfort zone, I met new people and I spent 8 hours a day for 4 days worshiping and listening to people talk about Jesus, whereas I’m used to 2 hours a week at church. I felt loved, that God would bring me there and show me the things he did.

Every year I get better and better at New Years resolutions because I’ve realized that for me, they need to be practical. Some people are really good at setting insane goals and pushing themselves to achieve them, but that’s not what this season in my life is right now.

  • For the entire month of January, I’m fasting secular music and spending time with Jesus every day.
  • I’m changing all my passwords to emails and social media because I’m confused every time I log in to one lol.
  • I’m setting a budget and saving my money.
  • I’m gonna go on dates with Jesus (thanks, @michaela for this idea).
  • I’m compressing a bunch of my different journals to one journal cause #simplify.
  • I’m gonna learn to be less critical and judgmental of everybody.
  • I’m gonna choose to see the bright side in everything and speak life and believe the best in everybody.
  • I’m gonna exercise at least once a week and eat in a better way than I’m used to.
  • I’m going to allow myself to be more creative, whether it’s with my writing, or taking up painting, or making these things I call “hope in a jar.”
  • For the last 2 years, I’ve kept a jar of memories of the entire year where you write on pieces of paper all the fun things that you did and all the good things that happened. So I’m gonna do that again this year cause it reallly helps you look back on all the good in your life.
  • At least one act of random kindness a week. (I’m so excited to love people more.)

2016 was rough for me. There were both amazing things and horrible things that happened but I’ve never been this thankful for a new year. I’m excited to walk in love with people and fall more in love with Jesus. I’m excited to try new things this year and meet new people. I’m excited to improve things in my life and get rid of things that aren’t helping me. I’m excited to see what God continues to do in me after all that happened at Onething.

Also, most people start the year off with a certain word for that year. I’m going to have one but I’m still praying about it. I’ll keep you posted.



P.S. Sorry this got so long. If you made it this far… wow, thanks, good job, like, comment, share, follow me lol


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