drivers ed haikus from last summer


The summer of 2015, I survived driver’s ed. I totally forgot that I decided to write a haiku everyday. I was going through some old journals recently and found these soooooooo enjoy my old emo self!

Day 1. First I was anxious / Then I introduced myself / My friend is Sara.

I’m not afraid now / I think I’m gonna have fun / I’m gonna be fine.

Day 2. So extremely cute / And he even looked at me/ Did he almost smile?

Day 3. Mundane like rice cakes / Rambling on and on and on / And these lights hurt me.

Day 4. Took a test today / Hey I got an A minus / No need to worry.

Spent half an hour/ Talking ’bout railroad safety / Annnnd I got a shirt. 🙂

A boy held the door / Honestly I was so shocked / And a lil’ happy.

To see that someone / Out in this world has manners / Way to go, buddy.

Day 5. Longer than ever / Can I just go back to bed? / Longer than ever.

Day 6. We learned about bikes / I would like to get one now / They seem pretty tight.

Day 7. Out of energy / Bad posture and zoned out eyes / We’re all half asleep / (Exasperated sighs.)

Talking forever / I dunno what he’s saying / Rambling forever.

Day 8. Got a 99 / On my test, it’s pretty great / Today was so long.

Today I found out / One of my friends I know now / Went to my preschool.

And then suddenly / I completely remembered / We were totes buddies.

Day 9. Drugs and alcohol / These are pretty serious / I’ll def never drink.

Day 10. I can’t stay awake / I want to go back to bed / Final drive’s today.

I don’t know how you / Can pass when everything’s / Tediously judged.

But I remind me / I can do all things through Christ / Who strengthens me.

Day 11. Only one more day / I’ve learned a lot and also / Feels like I’ve learned nothing.

Day 12.  Yeah bud we outchea / I will never again see / Any of these peeps.


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