It’s November 8th, You Guys

So, as literally everybody knows, the elections are today. It’s been really intense this year and everything is kind of unpredictable. It’s amusing for me to watch the debates between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton and I’ve enjoyed putting Snapchat filters on their faces. They remind of two people who once dated but now hate each other and are fighting for custody of their beloved pet dog, America.

These elections are pretty serious though. Some people see it as voting for the lesser of two evils. Some think the world may end if the wrong person gets elected. Honestly, I don’t know what to think. On one hand, I’ve heard that your vote is extremely important and on the other hand, I hear that it’s not, cause ultimately it’s up to the electoral college.

If I were old enough to vote this year, I’d probably vote Trump because he makes me laugh, but also he has a little bit of sense about running businesses and getting things done and being honest, even though he’s pretty mean sometimes. Hilary is okay with abortion which is not okay with me. I could honestly go on and on forever, as could any of us, about all of this. I know I don’t like reading what people have to say about the elections so I’m just gonna wrap it up here.

Nevertheless, we all have a choice. Vote or don’t vote. Be an optimist about what God can do with all this or don’t. Trash talk the candidates for their flaws because they’re human or don’t. Pray or don’t pray. It’s ultimately up to you. Change starts with you. HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!


2 thoughts on “It’s November 8th, You Guys

  1. Angela Jackson says:

    wo wo wo good reporting, better than the biased media. More honest! Thanks Koliah. We voted because it is our responsibility as citizens of the U.S. Those who don’t vote, have no right to moan and complain about the one that gets elected. We will know tonight who’s who… either way, it will be a tough job. Our lives will be effected by who does win, but no one can change the world as it is. And my joy will not be changed either way… government has never been my God, and never will be. So I rejoice in the One that really is ruling, not the ones who THINK THEY DO! Thank you for listening my sweet little girl…

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