5 things you could do instead of celebrate halloween

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Maybe you’re not allowed to celebrate halloween (me too) or maybe you don’t like halloween cause it’s too scary or maybe you’re just over it. Wherever you’re at with it this year… here are 5 things you could do instead of celebrate such a creepy day.

  1. Stay in and watch Netflix. This is what I will be doing while I wear my unicorn onesie, which I’m wearing as I type this, and hopefully pizza.
  2. Go shopping because candy will be on sale and no body else will be there to judge you for it since they will all be out trick or treating.
  3. Treat yo self. You could take a bubble bath or paint your nails or deep condition your hair or do a face mask… honestly, the options are endless.
  4. Go Christmas shopping. ‘Cause why not be 3 steps ahead?
  5. Take a hike. Grab your best friend and go get ice cream. Go for a drive. Go on an adventure. Do something random. Do something fun.

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