maybe hearing about all of their drama was to help me realize that everybody’s the same everywhere and my school is ultimately no different than someone else’s and we all have issues and we all make mistakes and we all have people in our lives who don’t know how to let go of things.

maybe there was a long line at McDonald’s to help teach me patience.

maybe my life is really hard because everybody’s life is really hard because that’s life and nothing good ever came from a comfort zone.

maybe it’s ok to be yourself and stand up for who you are when nobody else is and to say no to the pressure of being fake.

maybe the bright side of getting sick 2 days before my 17th birthday is that i got to spend my last days of being 16 in bed watching netflix and honestly idk what’s more memorable than that.

maybe people disappoint me because they’re human.

maybe it’s all gonna be ok because life sucks sometimes but life is beautiful.


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