People are like chalkboards. Our entire lives are written all over us. Everything about us and what we do is there for people to see.

Sometimes it’s a really good story and the handwriting is fancy and nice to look at and it’s just good and the pictures are cool.

But then it gets smudged whenever we make mistakes.

And sometimes people like to scratch our boards and make us feel even worse about our mistakes and nails on a chalkboard is such a repulsive sound. And sometimes that HURTS and we just kind of don’t even try after that cause they don’t care if you’re a good person and that you have a good heart – they just see your mistakes and feel bad about their own and can’t get over it. Then everything is a complete mess.

And those puny things we call erasers? We try to use them to get rid of the uncomfortable stuff but we don’t realize that sometimes we can’t solve our own problems.

But sometimes some of us find Love and He covers all wrongs and if we let Him, he cleans our chalkboard. He literally BROKE for us even though He’s #flawless, cause He is all love and nothing less. And then our chalkboard is new and even though we’re not perfect, it’s okay cause we’ve got Him and who needs perfect when you’ve got Jesus?


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