Breaking: pt. 1

I’ll only die if I break one too many times.

and I’ll only break if I’m vulnerable, if I feel.

But how screwed up is it that to love means giving ourselves to someone and just trusting that they won’t throw us away the first time we mess up.

and maybe breaking is when you screw up ten too many times and you just keep hurting them so you say goodbye for the good of you both.

But saying goodbye is terrible because it’s okay for a while but then you break again when you’re weak and tired of faking that thing we call: “I’m good.”

I don’t know what’s worse: to be constantly broken and completely alone


constantly broken but there’s someone there to take your shatteredness and love it to the point where they break too.


5 thoughts on “Breaking: pt. 1

  1. Brian Chirhart says:

    Being constantly broken is pretty much inevitable. Being OK with who you are and accepting of what you are is the key to waking up the next day. Being content in all things is a much greater reward than seeking to make yourself happy. Acceptance of you, by your largest critic, you, is a reward worth more than gold…. more than all the friends in the world.

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  2. Angela Jackson says:

    Broken before God, is so different than broken in our feeling of aloneness. The tears I have shed in the presence of God are not wasted tears. Those that I cry all alone are wasted on myself with no solution in view. My best One that I know to go to is the One that listens REALLY LISTENS and has an answer. And of course we know that His name Is Jesus. He is the Only one that has healed this broken flesh, that so often is confused, then what follows is a “party” thrown just for me, no one else wants to come, because the title of the party is “pity” party. I love you my pretty little girl….

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  3. Angela Jackson says:

    I love you too Mia KoKo. Heeeeee Did I open a jar of worms??? Like no one knows that is my nick name for you??? Well the other name is my pretty little girl. Have a great day honey.

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