You’ll Know.


They’re the one you think of when you see two people who are meant to be together. They’re the one that not only can you live with, but you can’t live without. If it’s right, you’ll feel it in your soul. If it’s right you’ll love them through all their bull. When you love them infinitely, your heart will skip a beat whenever you see them and I think you’ll be so lost in awe to think straight when those galaxies you call eyes look at you with passion. If you were a flower, you would grow towards their light.

When it’s right you’ll be so selfless to the point where you want to be selfish and never move on and forever have them as yours. Because you want to pour all your love out on them because selflessness is true love and true love is a beautiful thing.

True love isn’t difficult. True love comes naturally and like I said, you’ll know. If you have to think twice about it or wonder if you’re wrong, then it’s not true love so get out now. And wait. Wait for true love. Don’t search for it because that’s not true love. True love will find you at the least expected moment and it will be wildly beautiful because they’ll be that twinkle in your eye and more astonishing than the stars in the sky. And you’ll wonder what you ever did to deserve this and the answer is simple. Nothing. You did nothing. But you’ll know it’s right because everything will feel right. There might be haters but that’s just because they’re jealous. Jealous that they can’t handle the beauty or be the beauty.

I think when it’s right, you’ll know.


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