I think I’ve experienced everything possible in the past two weeks.

I was a unicorn; I cheered; I dug through whipped cream with my face; I cuddled; I got stalked by coyotes while walking through a field of beans at midnight in 50 degree weather; I laughed so stinking hard; I danced; I got hurt; I got healed; I had millions of heart-to-hearts with like 11 different people; I got so angry and afraid that I cried; Jesus answered my prayers; I felt peace; I received joy; I chose to have a needle stuck into my face and now I have a crystal there forever; I got given some polar ice; I rode oversized slides; I am so in love with the stars at Kenzie’s house; I roasted mallows over a bonfire; I made cookies at midnight; I got 4 hours of sleep; I almost rode a camel; I’m approximately 5,837 days young; and I even took pictures through it all.


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