when beautiful things blow up


They constantly tell me that all good things must come to an end. My philosophy is that beautiful things tend to blow up. Sometimes you don’t even realize how beautiful something is until it’s dying: stars… freedom… relationships…

But this is what I can’t comprehend. We were once the constellation Albireo. Inseparable. Our worlds were each other and so all we did was revolve around the other and life was good like that; we were beautiful like that.

But eventually we blew up because he moved on for no good reason and I can’t even talk to her without her needing you glued to her side and you’re always and forever on her mind. And they moved to a place that’s light years away and she got a boyfriend and now he’s the only person she believes in and she always calls him instead of me now and it’s hard to watch all this happen because I thought it’d forever stay that old, specific way. My old and perfect reality was what I believed in.

But maybe that’s too much to ask. For you to explain why you don’t ever  want to talk to me again, and for her to give me a normal conversation, and for you to figure out a way to not live forever in distance. Maybe it’s too hard for you to choose your best friend over your man. So… fine. You do you, boo. I’ll just try to admire how beautiful we once were. Maybe it’s prettier now because of how we’ve blown up and we’re brighter. In the meantime, I’ll just take comfort in R.M. Drake’s words that I think he probably wrote specifically for me in this moment because I think he might have known you would do this…

“We must always welcome the end of all things. For sometimes, knowing nothing lasts forever is the only way we can learn to fall in love with all the moments, and all the people, that are meant to take our breath away.”


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