baconator friessss (2)

One time, my family went through the Taco Bell drive through and the guy handed us our food through the window and said, “See you tomorrow!” My dad was like, “Tomorrow?” and the guy replied with a shrug and a smile saying, “You never know!”

Yet another time we went through Taco Bell’s drive through and as we pulled away, the dude said, “See you tomorrow!”

Then, the other day my mom and I went to Panda Express and as we left the guy goes, “See you next week!”

I’m like, “Well alrighty then!”

So this is probably some kind of a silly coincidence, you could call it. Or maybe it’s some part of fast-food-job-training. But you could think deeply about this as you can about basically everything, you know?

What if we were living optimistically and knowing that tomorrow will most likely come and the choices we make today affect tomorrow?

I read a sweet quote today that said, “One day I just woke up and realized that I have no capability of touching yesterday; so then why the heck am I letting it touch and affect me today?” (creds to some guy named Ryan)

That’s good stuff. It’s blog material. Obviously.

So go eat some fast food. I recommend Panda Express. That’s the only PE I go to, if you feel me. Or go to McDonald’s. Everyone likes that place for some reason. And try to not live in the past or expect tomorrow; but prepare yourself in case tomorrow does come.


One thought on “Optimism

  1. Grandpa Paul says:

    Your blog smells delicious. I’m making a date with a Big Mac tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement and all your inspirational words. Hope you’re having a great summer. God bless you.


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