So Close To Not Broken (by Anonymous)


A person can still be broken

whether it’s in a million pieces

or just two

I’ve been thinking about this

for quite a while now

I still don’t know

which one

is more tragic

But maybe

it’s the timeless question

Like, last place-versus-runner-up

They’re both losers,


I think it’s just that the

higher you drop your hopes from,

the harder it hurts

and being broken, especially

just in half, well… It’s a tragedy

-so close yet so far


One thought on “So Close To Not Broken (by Anonymous)

  1. Brian says:

    I always notice that my cracks are who I am… and they only come from being broken…. and for me – it’s a million pieces. But Jesus always puts me back together,, (even when I don’t want Him to… or when I’m mad at Him for letting me be so broken) – Then He reminds me that this is how He is going to mold me and make me in to the person I am supposed to be. Yea it hurts. Some of those hurts I would gladly trade. Some I would keep – they shape who I am.

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