one twenty eight

depressed bridge. jk its just a fitlerrr

The sky is crying right now and I wonder why
I wonder if maybe it’s the sun’s fault
Or maybe it’s the moon’s
Or maybe it’s me, possibly even you?
Maybe it’s nobody’s fault
I want to know who or what is making
so beautiful
The sky is bright
So maybe it’s bawling
tears of joy
But maybe it’s deceiving
kind of the same way
we’ve formed habits around
When the drizzle slowly does its thing
I imagine
Maybe it’s the sky trying to be tough
To hide its pain and suck it up
You know how sometimes
you try to just sniff up all the snot and tears?
That’s the thunder
But the lightning is what happens when you remember
When everything comes back like a painful brick
The sky’s emotions leave a part of them on everything they touch
Kind of reminds me of us
People everywhere understand its gloom
and what the sky may not know
is we feel it too

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