Daddy’s Day


Whatsup with you being such a charming you?

You’re kinder than Santa,

More comforting than chocolate,

You’re even the most funnest too


Whatsup with you being the right kind of person?

While other dads are into porn, beer, and smokin’

You help with the things that’re truly important


I like you because you aren’t afraid

You’re courageous and exclaim, “COME WHAT MAY!”

You’re so deep intellectually

And you handle stuff responsibly

You’re like my best friend

An 83 outta 10


You make me laugh ALL THE TIME

Especially when I’m mad or when I’m crying

Heck you’ll prob make me laugh when someone’s dying

That’s something special God blessed you with

Along with your genius words and incredible wit

You find the bright side of every dark thing


Of all whom I know, you’re the most gracious

Your heart is so full and yet it’s so spacious


I’m glad I’ve known you every day of my life

And thanks for choosing a spectacular wife

Forever be my dad

And don’t die before I do

Cause you’re the best dad

And I’d rather die than live without you


Since the time I was born

Even when you give me away

I’ll always be yours

So don’t be afraid

You’ll still be my favorite

“To infinity and beyond,”

I believe is what they say

So please have a happy daddy’s day


I love you!


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