The world all around me declares to me His glory

Pure nature

Beauty at its finest

Displays His majesty

The sunset

The sunrise

The people all around me

So lovely

So lovely

My heart singing

My heart radiating

Your majesty is overwhelming

God’s pure elegance being revealed

Oh so rapidly

Numerous rhapsodies

So lovely

So lovely

Love is streaming

Heart is gleaming

Music is full of Your majesty

I long to capture all I am experiencing

Oh Your majesty

So lovely

So lovely

You touch my heart so gracefully

You respond to me so faithfully

You’re my inspiration for living

You’re the only One deserving

So worthy

So worthy


Pulsing all around me

Soak You in

Soak this in

So lovely

So lovely

You have all authority

You are full of majesty


3 thoughts on “Majesty

  1. Missy Mom says:

    The best! One of my favorite thingsto worship about the Lord is His beauty and the beauty all around us that He shares.


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