Cabin Emotionalism Detoxication


My heart is swelling and I can’t breathe

I can literally feel that my heart is empty

I have no sense of time, no sense of direction

I don’t know where I even am

But I’m okay with this depression

When you and I are together

We have a sense of belonging

But it’s desperate; you’re desperate; I’m desperate

Nothing about us is natural at all

I’m out here in the middle of nowhere

One day it’s spring and the next day it’s fall

I don’t know where I am

But I feel a sense of belonging

Like I belong out-of-place

Separate from the human race


My love is torn between you and myself

I know who I should probably choose

But I prefer to be selfish

So I choose me; and you and I’s ways part

I literally just broke both of our hearts

Because ‘us’ is too desperate

It’s weak; we are wrong; you and I don’t feel right

And now I’m writing a song

So let’s just free ourselves tonight

And it’s in this moment: a tiny fraction of time

That my love picked correctly

And you and I

Find a sense of belonging

And you and I

We realize

‘Us’ will last an eternity

Amidst the separating

In that moment when we’re lonely in our shells

Nothing really appears very well

But we belong this way

Not good; not bad; we’re just okay


One thought on “Cabin Emotionalism Detoxication

  1. Brian says:

    Very deep. These days will be looked back on as fond memories. You will realize that this is where you grew the most, and who you became was a direct result of these days…. It is not good. It is not bad. It is precious.

    Liked by 1 person

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