Four Twenty Two

My eyes are swollen
My nose is raw
I feel so much pain
Yet nothing at all
Mascara bleeding
And I’m hyperventilating
I didn’t mean to hurt you
But that’s what I ended up doing
What I do is cry
Every time I think of you and I
You not only held my hand
But you loved me from the start
You didn’t just look in my eyes
You saw my soul: every freaking part
I thought I’d be okay alone
But you stole my delicate heart
I’m drowning like the Pacific
Dying, to be specific
Now we’re both confused
And maybe it’s the end
But we get each other
And don’t know what comes next
Now your eyes won’t even look at me
And I want us to be meant to be
And maybe we lost everything
But, baby, you are my everything

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