Mouse in the Maze


Life. Sometimes you have to think about it like a maze. You’re the mouse. There’s a beginning where you’re put and you’re stuck there until everyone is rounded up and ready to go. Then the gun fires and you all stumble all over each other in the narrow hallway as you anticipate the next change in direction. You turn left, then you have two different directions to choose from. So you go back to the beginning and start over cause this is all Greek to you and you’d rather do mundane than unknown. You sniff the walls the whole way trying to find something familiar and comforting.

You stumble across your friends who are also confused and faking a smile and taking it one angle at a time up until the next fork in the road. You go around the last turn and though you can’t see it’s nearly the end, God sees it because he’s the one who made you and the maze and he put you there for some reason that you don’t know and he’s cheering you on. But you can’t really hear him cause you’re too focused on yourself and there’s a glass between you and him and you blame God for not cheering loud enough but the sin in your life and sometimes nothing is muffling your ability to hear God’s love. You see your friends again and you sniff your way back to the beginning and God’s like, “Ugh you were so close, child. I need you to just trust me.” You meander all over the maze and take different paths and sometimes you have your friends with you and you think there’s a possibility that they’ll be there forever and then life is all like, “PSYCH!” and they have to take different paths and explore and learn life on their own and your heart breaks because you’re so lonely and you think you can’t live without them. They take part of you with them whether or not you want them to.

Then you follow the maze some more and your senses clear up and become sharp. You focus and you set goals and you imagine the end of the maze and you finally figure out the right path and you make it to the end and you feel something you’ve never felt before. You’re no longer lonely or sad or confined. You’ve made it through and you hear the voices of the mice all around you congratulating you and you realize you’re no longer the mouse in the maze.


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