Some Sorts Of Drugs


I notice that we tend to define people by what they do rather than who they are. This week my friend asked, “Who’s Bob Marley?” To my disappointment, one of my classmates responded with, “He’s a black guy who smokes weed.” Have we really become so low as to define people by their actions, skin color, or the type of drug they use? That sickens me. If you really think about it, pretty much everyone does drugs. Some of us are addicted to coffee, some negativity, some food, heroin, alcohol, music… it’s all mostly the same, only the effects and level of acceptance are different.

So, like my friend, Cady Heron (from Mean Girls), once said, “Calling somebody fat won’t make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn’t make you any smarter. And ruining someone’s life didn’t make me any happier…”

My point? Don’t be a jerk. Don’t be shallow. Don’t define people by what they look like or by what they smoke. Jesus loves them. So why shouldn’t we?


2 thoughts on “Some Sorts Of Drugs

  1. thereluctantbaptist says:

    I agree we should be kind and we should include some positives in our descriptions of people. So much better to say, “He’s a talented Jamaican reggae musician, known for his marijuana use (if you think that detail is important).”

    I disagree that all drugs are the same, though. Some are legal, some are not. Choosing to do something illegal reveals something about one’s character. Some drugs do more damage than others, some are more addictive than others. When I was a social worker I routinely saw mothers choose heroin over their own children. Not because they did not love their children, but because the addictive power of heroin is so strong. And when push came to shove, they always chose the drug. Meanwhile their kids grew up in foster care. A mom addicted to coffee can still provide a home and a stable life for her kids, a mom addicted to heroin or cocaine or meth or alcohol cannot.


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