They sit there like a blob
They stare back at me like a blob
They taunt me and they tease me like a blob
They’re flaunting and they’re calling me like a blob
They’re all stuck together
In a curly, squiggly mess – like a blob
When I see them, my heart says yes
I want them so very badly
But my conscience says
“No. Those ramen noodles are bad for your soul.
They’re white and starchy
And they have MSG
That monosodium glutamate won’t help with your height
Just like caffeine, it will stunt your growth.”
“Oh but they’re calling me!” I say
Like a blob, they’re coming my way
And I try to resist them, to push them away
But I give into temptation
They just look so good
Just sitting there like a blob from the hood
Those little thieves are stealing my health
But ramen noodles taste great
They so ding-dang-delicious
And that’s all that matters… for now anyways
Like a blob, they’re the bomb diggity

One thought on “LIKE A BLOB

  1. Iliana Murphy says:

    IM DYING I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT ONLY ON LIKE THE FOURTH LINE the pic hadn’t loaded yet either lol I feel u sister so much

    P.S. So ding dangy delicious 😋


    Liked by 1 person

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