Too Young to be Old


I feel like I am old. And I’m only 15 years of age. But I guess that is old compared to someone younger than me. I noticed this week that I started drinking coffee. What??? Only people who have run out of energy drink coffee. I’m too young to be out of energy!

For some reason I’ve taken a liking to dark chocolate. What??? Only people who don’t possess a sweet-tooth enjoy dark chocolate. I’m too young to not have a sweet-tooth!

Two weeks ago I exchanged my braces for a clear retainer. My retainer is formed around my teeth. I call it my set of dentures because that’s what it looks like. What??? I’m too young to have dentures!

About a month ago I found a white hair on my head. I actually got excited. What else would I do? If I stress about having a white hair, that’ll just cause my head to grow more white hairs. I haven’t seen that little guy lately so maybe my excitement scared it off. They say white hair comes with old age but I say it comes with stress. What??? I’m too young to be stressed!

Goodness gracious, I’m too young to be this old.

Keep this in mind: you’re never too young to be old and you’re never too old to be young. Choose which one you prefer but I’d say staying young is funner… yolo!




One thought on “Too Young to be Old

  1. Grandpa Paul says:

    You were born old. You think deeper and see further down the road than many your age. You’re a philosopher, a teacher and a poet-though you may not know it…..


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