Junior Janitor

One of my favorite parts of a normal school day – besides lunch and the Freedom Bell at the end of the day – is when my class has to clean up the gym after lunch. I love taking the trash out to the dumpster with my best friend because it’s our one moment of freedom during school. Taking the trash out doesn’t require self-control or manners or focus. We get to step outside and be in the fresh, non-stuffy, non-farty, non-body odor air for a whole two minutes.

I also love when we get assigned to sweep the floor. One day, she and I played hockey between our two brooms and an orange. To be honest, it was a perfectly good orange. I don’t know why someone would just leave it on the floor . We got some good use out of it though. Another time of sweeping, I found a band-aid on the floor. IT WAS USED. It wasn’t like gross or anything but USED. Nonetheless. I think all band aids are gross. They disgust me.

A great aspect of our junior janitoring is that it takes time out of my oh-so-dreaded-physical-science-class. Nice, right?


[insert pumping of my fist here]


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