Looking Back



God, thank you for this year, another year of life, another shot at life. God, thanks that I am alive. Thank you, Jesus for paying that price! This year I have grown relationships, cultivated love, and learned so very much. Another 365 days I received to start again, to breathe again, to love my family and friends. God, I couldn’t ask for a better life. God, I love my life. Jesus, I love you and how close my heart has been sewn to yours.

God I know this approaching year will be just as amazing. You have something special in store for me. You have even more for me. Oh, God, how you are amazing!

With laughter came tears but with heartbreak came a healed heart yearning for you. Jesus, you truly are the best. You add to my life so many blooming years. I love you!

I can’t begin to list ALL you have blessed me with and done for me but I thank you for it all. Jesus, I give you my all.

Looking back but no turning back ’cause I know you’ve got my back. I am in the palm of your hand and you continuously remind me that you won’t ever drop me, and I believe you.

“Thank God for this gift, too wonderful for words!” 2 Corinthians 9:15


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