Have You Joined the 4-H?

july 3, 2013 214

{Today is a great guest post from J. Murphy Jr., AKA my dad. You can visit his blog at http://www.lifeisnotscripted.com/}

Have you joined the 4-H? No, I am not referring to the program that empowers youth to raise cute little bunnies. I am thinking of a unique group of people who live apart from the norm. An ancient writing asked, “Who may ascend the hill of the Lord? Who shall stand in his holy place?” The writer answered his own question: “He who has clean HANDS and a pure HEART, and who has not lifted up his soul to vanity (HUMBLE), nor sworn deceitfully (HONEST)” (Psalm 24:3,4).

We all know the big no-no’s called “sin,” but DANG! Aren’t there millions of activities that live in the shadows somewhere between “Good job,” and “Oh crud?” Lately I have used these four questions as a benchmark to judge if those “grey areas” are okay for me.

* Is this good use of my hands?

* Am I feeling right in my heart?

* Am I taking the humble route?

* Am I acting in an honest way?

I still don’t have a bunny or a cow or a pregnant pig, but joining this 4-H has helped me to live a life with fewer questions and more answers.




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