Look Up

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Last year in pre-algebra there was a day that our teacher was gone and that happened to be the same day we had a huge test on geometric formulas. It was really difficult and nearly impossible to memorize all the formulas we were given so we all went into that class with the state of mind that we were going to bomb that sucker together.

The tests were administered. I gritted my teeth. We all groaned. I could probably pull three formulas from my memory and that was it. I glared down at my paper. It was a terrible looking thing. I looked around the room out of boredom and anxiety and BOOM. Up on the whiteboard there were notes leftover from the previous class (geometry). They had been using the same formulas needed on our test. I was hoping my other classmates would see those. I almost blurted out to the whole class that they were on the board – thinking our advisor had left the classroom. Thankfully I did not do that because she was still there. I am pretty sure that I did good on that test, I maybe got a B or C – which is better than an F! I don’t think that counted as cheating, considering our advisor was watching me look at the board and didn’t erase what was on it. The point is, if I had never looked up, I wouldn’t have seen those formulas and I would have bombed that test.

This random moment brings one tip into my mind: remember to look up when you have problems and need solutions. Sometimes, instead of focusing on the problems in life that you don’t know the answer to, take a step back, get a new perspective and maybe – just maybe – the solution will be right in front of your face. If it’s not then I advise you to study harder the next time.


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