Victories vs. Failures


I was talking with my best friend a while ago when she brought up a profound thought. She talked about how in the past when soldiers would go to war, they would always encourage each other with the phrase, “Remember the Alamo!”. If you haven’t been paying attention in History class, the Alamo was basically a tragic war in 1836 in Texas. To be honest, I don’t remember the details of it because – come on – it was taught to me nearly a year ago… I don’t even remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. (So go look it up of you’re curious.)

Anyway, Kenzie’s point was, Why focus on what went wrong? Why not be inspired by victories?This got me thinking and probably will continue to keep me thinking for a few days. Chew on this for a while, and try not to focus on your mistakes or disappointments this week. Smile about the successful times, and move on from the difficult or not-successful ones.

Victory is often achieved by people who don’t see failure as a bad thing.” ~CV Pillay

By the way, be sure to visit Kenzie’s blog and subscribe. It’s one of the best around!


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