Oddball Food Combos

Green Eggs & Ham

Today I compiled a list of a bunch of random food combinations that were successful, weren’t successful and were not good but not bad either. So here I present to you this list, in case you are ever bored you may want to try these.

Experiments that turned out to be yummy:

  • Pringles and Nutella
  • Cheese melted on a cinnamon roll (To be honest, I could eat cheese on nearly everything.)
  • Fudge-striped cookies with marshmallows (My best friend’s mom calls them ‘smookies’)
  • Fries with ice cream (The perfect mix of sweet and salty, crispy and soft.)
  • Mixing all the varieties of sodas
  • Banana with peanut butter – and for some extra crunch, add Cheerios on top!
  • Poking a hole in a marshmallow and then filling it with whipped cream or M&Ms
  • Potato chips on a turkey and cheese sandwich

Experiments that didn’t turn out as planned:

  • Cheese-its dipped in yogurt
  • Ketchup with a banana (Yes, I do know children who eat it that way)
  • Milk, orange juice, and ice cream
  • M&Ms, licorice, and chips
  • Cereal and orange juice (I have never tried this, but I kind of want to just so I could say I did it.)

Experiments that seemed to be ‘eh’:

  • Raisin bread with cheese, strawberry jelly, bologna, and lettuce
  • Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter
  • Chocolate ice cream with Sprite
  • Vanilla pudding and cheesy Doritos
  • Pickles and peanut butter

Experiments I have yet to try:

  • Chicken nuggets dipped in Sprite
  • Pancakes and hot sauce
  • Hot Cheetos with Pudding
  • Potato chip cookies
  • Microwaved marshmallows with Doritos and cheese for nachos

(P.S. Thanks to all my buddies who gave me suggestions and to Pinterest who never seems to fail me!)

What are your most favorite or least favorite foods to eat together?


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