A Random Thing I Love

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A full journal truly is beautiful. Words and drawings everywhere. Some orderly and some not. Different colored writing, different fonts – chaotic elegance. Emotions scattered on the pages. When I run my fingers over the indented pages  – that texture is one of my favorites – it feels amazing, kind of hard to describe. But I love it! It’s one of the many things I’m good at creating, a journal full of so many words and thoughts and stories and lessons and smiles and frowns. My journals are imperfectly perfect masterpieces. Totally inspiring to me. I’d rather hand-write a journal entry than type it into a Word document. Too bad blogs aren’t very physical. . . that’d be pretty snazzy.

Wanna know a random fact? I have only finished one of my many many many journals. I seriously can never finish an entire one. Weird right? Do you have problems like this, or am I the only one?


5 thoughts on “A Random Thing I Love

    1. kolaiah123 says:

      Good question! Sometimes I find random ones from when I was little, and so many times I get new ones at the hub. Most of them do have themes, I have bible notebooks (which my most recent one is almost full.. Yay!) and music ones, poetry, life, etc.


  1. Shanygne says:

    oh, how I love you!
    Emily has the same obsession! And the plethora of ‘unfinshed’ journals is just a sign that there are so many beautiful ones out there that you have to share the love w them all!! Haha!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon, lovely one!


  2. Nycole C says:

    I don’t finish my journals. Lots of times I have breaks of days, months and sometimes years between my entries. I just start a new one or pick up on the next page of the last unfinished journal.
    You are an excellent writer.!
    😃 I agree with you about the feel of the journal and pages. It is priceless when you go back in the past pages and see /feel the emotions.


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