Guts On My Windshield

I got into the car
Ready to speed away
When I looked up and behold
A huge bug stood in the way

It was a yucky looking little guy
Its species, too difficult to say
I hyperventilated and gasped
I tried to stay calm and asked
My passenger if he had a killing device
He scrambled around in search of something
Something with which to squish the monstrous yucky thing on my windshield
When alas he cried “Yield!
I have a used Kleenex!”

My passenger was ever so brave as to reach out and demolish that bug
I long and I crave to have that boldness
But nope, instead I have a fear of yucky things and such

I looked up and there on my windshield were smeared guts.
I shiver-me-timbered,
Then I continued on with my day.
I pulled out of the driveway
And everything was okay!


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