Life Lessons to Learn From My Bird

Blue is a cute little parakeet. He’s pretty shy too, and he doesn’t like to be held or touched.

He’s a kind of sad little guy though. Lonely, bored. But he sings. In fact, as I write this, he’s chirping along to my High School Musical music. Here are a few ideas I’ve gathered and learned from as I observe my bird’s life:


Lesson #1 – You can fly even with one feather of flight

We trimmed Blue’s wings a while ago. My dad left one feather so Blue could still be able to get around a little bit. Most of the time when he tries to fly, he ends up on the floor. But he still finds a way to shuffle around my mom’s office. He fluffles. That’s my new word meaning part shuffle and part fly and part fluffing his feathers of frustration. Theoretically, everyone’s experienced fluffling in a human-ish way.


Lesson #2 – “You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall.”

This is a line from one of my favorite Justin Bieber songs. I know it’s pretty cliché and everyone says it but really, to truly succeed, you usually have to experience what it’s like to fail. Eventually Blue’s wings will grow back out and he’ll be able to fly again, but since we’ve put restrictions on him (he probably thinks we are jerks and is totally traumatized by the whole experience) he has to keep trying and hoping that “Hey, one day I will be free to fly. But for now let me just sit here and be depressed, then after a while I’ll try again.” That probably is his legit reasoning and thoughts.


Lesson #3 – Enjoy what you can in life

Blue’s happy place is music. I believe that’s true about a lot of people too. When you seem to “escape” in a song, you can relate to it. You understand it and you appreciate the beauty in the music and the creativity of the writer of the words – if there are words to the music you listen to. I know lots of people, including myself, who really have a love for music. Maybe your happy place isn’t music though and that’s okay. Whatever that is, enjoy it, enjoy life. I’ve been doing that lately and loving it, it’s a great place to be if you can reach it.


Lesson #4 – Don’t let others’ opinions and suggestions define who you are

Now, I’m not talking about when people speak into your life and encourage you and stuff. Those are almost always people who love you and those are good voices to listen to. What I’m talking about is people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

For example, my dad made a point recently that people always place who they want to be or an opinion of theirs or just an assumption of character on an animal. Say Bobetta sees a baby cat. It jumps around as she tries to play with it and she says excitedly, “Ooh Mittens wants to play! How cute!” When in reality, the kitten is jumping and squealing to try to get away from the huge hand reaching for it. We do that to Blue sometimes and he’s stubborn and remains who he is. . . good for him.

So, if someone is telling you that you won’t be able to fly cause they just trimmed your wings, ignore them and be like, “I can fly. Watch me.” Even if you fail, try again. And if you fail at flying the third time, stop and think about why it’s not working. It could be because you’re not actually a bird. And if there’s a big hand reaching for you because the owner of it thinks you wanna play. . . let me know (cause I’ve never heard of that happening to a human) and then go hide in a hole or something.


Have you learned any lessons from your pets?

"We are children of the free... of the promise."
“We are children of the free… of the promise.”

One thought on “Life Lessons to Learn From My Bird

  1. Brian says:

    I’ve been trying to “fly” with something for about 10 years now and each time I get close, I find something that makes it fail. Really frustrating getting my wings clipped all the time. But, I keep at it – and someday it’s going to work and I’ll be flying then! I didn’t learn that from my dog though…. he just sleeps all the time. He teaches me I need to sleep more.


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