Jesus and Disney Princesses

What if we centered our lives around Jesus the way little girls center theirs around Disney princesses?

Do you ever notice how it’s kind of normal for little girls to obsess over princesses? As older people, we don’t see anything wrong with it and we think it’s cute. Princesses are role models. They’re a picture of confidence and beauty and they always seem to go through an exciting adventure with a handsome-hearted dude (whether or not he’s a prince on the outside). Princesses usually find who they are through hardships.

What if Jesus was our role model? If we thought about Him 24/7 and related a lot of our thoughts to Him and discovered ourselves in Him? Isn’t that what our relationship with Him should be like though? I think that’s such an intriguing thought.

Jesus, as well as princesses, ultimately seem to have this one thing in common: they both teach us that it’s truly our heart that makes us beautiful and handsome.

What are your thoughts about this subject?


“Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it.” ~Rapunzel, Tangled


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