Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Did you know this tradition originated in England in 1898? Evidently the “something blue” is usually a garter (a band worn around the leg of a bride to keep up a stocking or sock.) when taken off of the bride, it represents her being blessed to be able to have children. Just a random fact I found on Wikipedia.

The first time I had ever heard this catchy rhyme about weddings was the morning of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding. I remember getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning to watch it happen live on tv. It was quite the beautiful wedding. Very long and ceremonial, and so many times the newscasters compared what was presently happening to Princess Diana’s life-events and experiences. I had no idea who she was but from what I’ve heard, she was a beautiful, wonderful woman and everyone was hurt when she passed away.

I enjoyed seeing all the female attendees dressed up and decked out in their fancy hats. Huge hats, colorful hats, flowery hats, plain hats; they were all pretty rocking to me. I saw this photo on Pinterest that made me chortle. (To laugh in a breathy gleeful way; chuckle.)

I wonder if this happened on purpose or if it was only a coincidence that they looked so similar to the Disney wedding?

What wedding traditions do you find intriguing? What are some of the coolest weddings you’ve been to?


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