The Adventures of Being a New Driver

A few weeks ago I got my driving permit on my first try (YAY!). When the lady took a picture of me for my permit, she had to retake it because I had “a lot of hair.” Uhh thanks? I take pride in my magnificent hair.

My mom let me drive to our house the ‘back way’ at night. Well we were scooting along when suddenly we see this little thing jumping across the road. . . Turns out it was a little frog! He sprung about 2 feet in the air each time he jumped. You could practically hear the little *BOING* sound. Anyways, my mom was making nervous noises like “AHHH!”. I came to a “halting” stop, as they say, so I could avoid the little dude (thinking my mom was wanting me to stop) but wait! “Kolaiah, there’s a car behind you!!! Don’t stop!!!” says my mom.

Another time I was driving, my mom had me pull into a gas station so we could feed the car. I parked about five feet away from the pump which wasn’t a very happy thing.

Today was a bunch of firsts in driving for me. It was my first time driving on the interstate (That experience was a wreck-free success). For the first time today I went through the Wendy’s drive through. I was all excited at first, but when I pulled up I said, “I don’t want to talk to a stranger!” My mom replied with, “Yeah you do.” In that “Hey, the stranger is giving you food.” tone of voice.

Here’s a little poem I wrote based on my knowledge of driving:

The thing is, driving is fun

I’d rather be in front of the wheel than out for a run.

Accelerating and stopping

Affects your speedometer’s rising and dropping.

But everybody knows that.

You may possibly not know that you should have your headlights on

If visibility is less than 500 feet.

That is one random fact that stuck out to me.

I enjoy the word hydroplaning.

It makes me think of a submarine flying.

I have noticed that fathers are more laid back

Than mothers are when their kiddos are driving.

Maybe it’s taught in the parenting school class.

Do you think maybe they teach it in mass?

Driving is that kind of thing, that is done in so many different ways

In the classroom and on tests

You drive to impress

It also varies based on  personalities

That’s just an observation of mine


One thought on “The Adventures of Being a New Driver

  1. Brian Chirhart says:

    Awesome opossum…. which rhymes when you say it, but not when you type it…. Congrats K. Now you can kind of drive my car legally. And remember, a squished frog is a lot less costly (though sad) than a squished bumper… even if it would have been the other guys fault for following too close.


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