Little Miss Babysitter

I love little kids, and most little kids love me back (thankfully). Sometimes awkward things happen when I babysit. For example, about a year ago I was sitting some of my favorite little peeps and we turned on the TV. I couldn’t figure out how to find the Nickelodeon or Disney channels. So I landed on a nature show. I thought, “This should be pretty safe and it could be educational.”

Well, I thought wrong. . .

I was fiddling with a toy on the floor when the kids’ mom walked in, back from running errands. She started to change a diaper of a poopy kid when we looked up at the TV and BOOM. An older guy on the nature channel was skinny dipping / back-floating in a foreign river across the world. My eyes widened and I swore I wasn’t watching that with the kids and had no idea that was there. She goes, “UH-huh…”

Good news is I still to this day babysit those kids and she knows me well enough to be assured I’m not into the whole “Nature at its Finest” dealio.

Sometimes when I’m babysitting, embarrassing moments happen. A few months ago I was babysitting a different family’s kids when I ate a little too much and needed to use the restroom, if you know what I mean. Well. . . I clogged their old-house toilet and it would not flush. Seriously? Thankfully I had so conveniently learned the previous week how a toilet works and I fixed that little problem. How nice right?

When I’m babysitting I sure am glad and relieved when there is a kiddo somewhat older than the littlest ones. Without the older kid who can speak clearly and understand Younger Sibling Gibberish, I would be so lost and confused. Older siblings are a relief to babysitters like me who aren’t bilingual. I can understand most of the basics – sort of like Americans know the basics to Spanish… i.e. hola,como estas, adios – but maybe there’s some Super Sitter who does understand all of Younger Sibling Gibberish.

Are you one of those Super Sitters? What are your funniest, most awkward and embarrassing moments as a babysitter?


4 thoughts on “Little Miss Babysitter

  1. allisongr11 says:

    Once I was watching 2 kids and we played hid and go seek and I was it so I found one of the kids and we could not find they other one! Turns out it went outside to hide behind a tree…. I was so scared that I lost one of their kids!


  2. callababysitter says:

    Last summer, a small lizard got in my babysitting kids house. The cat tried to eat it. It ran super fast and I had to stay calm, while freaking out on the inside, to capture it. The cat had pulled it’s tail off so once we caught the lizard, using a magazine and empty jar, I had to clean up the still moving tail. And by then the youngest wanted to keep the lizard as a pet!


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